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Fire Rips Through Home In North York

February 20th, 2010 4:32pm

Manny Rodrigues Photo / ©2010 TSB

NORTH YORK – A two-alarm blaze has destroyed a home and left an entire family devastated. The fire happened at 6 Versend Dr., in the York Mills Rd. and Victoria Park Ave. area.

Toronto Fire Services were called to the address at around 1:00pm on Saturday. When they arrived they found flames shooting up through the roof of the house.

As the structure started to collapse, fire crews were forced to evacuate the house and fight the flames from the outside.

The residents of the home managed to make it out safe. Two dogs were also rescued from the fire, but one cat did not make it.

TFS is investigating the cause of the blaze.

Manny Rodrigues Photos / ©2010 TSB

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4 Comments to “Fire Rips Through Home In North York”

  1. Greg Dell'Agnese says:

    Nice photos Manny.

  2. Peter says:

    There was no need to show the family who were devestated by the Fire!.

  3. TSB says:

    Peter, one of the strong elements of a story will always be the human connection to it. As such, it is sometimes important to deliver the imagery that depicts that sort of connection in order to let the viewer feel the emotions brought upon by the incident.

    The house being burnt down is a small fraction of what truly happened on Saturday. The bigger story is that a family was left with no home, lost their belongings and is devastated by the entire ordeal. How does one show that story photographically and accurately if not to photograph the victims?

    And to be clear, I do understand your reaction to the photos, I just happen to feel differently about it. Thanks for coming by the site, and hope you return.


  4. Sandi says:

    Peter – I am friends with the family and I assure you they are just fine – as a matter of fact the son shown in the pictures was the one who sent me this link. Images like these are the ones that band a community together to show love and support. Without them – this is just a house.

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