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Crash Victim A 19-Year-Old Mom

February 18th, 2010 5:10pm

Manny Rodrigues Photo / ©2010 TSB

by Cindy Smith (

SCARBOROUGH – A high speed crash possibly linked to street racing killed a woman and injured several others in Toronto’s east end early Thursday morning.

The crash happened on Pharmacy Avenue, south of St. Clair, near Florens Avenue (see map above) shortly after midnight.

Toronto police report that the male driver of an Eagle Talon lost control while allegedly traveling well in excess of the posted speed limit as he drove southbound on Pharmacy. The car traveled for 40 metres across the front lawns of several homes and eventually collided with a wood hydro pole at St. Bede’s Road. The crash downed several live wires and snapped the pole in two.

Police said that due to the impact of the crash and the ensuing violent manoeuvres, two female passengers, reported to be 19 and 15 years of age, were ejected from the backseat of the car. The 19 year old woman sustained massive head injuries and was transported to hospital where sadly, she was pronounced dead.

Manny Rodrigues Photo / ©2010 TSB

Police would not confirm if she had been wearing a seatbelt.

There were four occupants in the Talon including the 18 year old driver. The driver, along with the 15 year old female passenger, fled the scene after the crash, police said.

Another passenger, reported to be an 19 year old male, was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The driver and his teenage passenger later turned up at the hospital where they were questioned by police and treated for minor injuries.

According to a Toronto Sun report the victim has been identified as Nicole Quinn-Ignagni, mother to a 15 month old baby girl.

Manny Rodrigues Photo / ©2010 TSB

The dead girl’s uncle told the Toronto Sun that Quinn-Ignagni’s brother was in another car behind them and he called her cellphone to tell the driver of the Talon to slow down.

The driver has since been arrested and charged with dangerous driving causing death.

Police are still interviewing witnesses to the crash.

Manny Rodrigues Photo / ©2010 TSB

“The (group in the Talon) were travelling (ahead of) a group of friends that were some distance behind when the collision occurred,” Sgt. Tim Burrows of Toronto Police Services said in an interview with the Globe and Mail. “They have assisted to some degree with this investigation.”

It’s not known at this time if the driver of the Talon had been racing the driver of the car behind him. Both groups were driving home after a night at the movies, according to the Toronto Sun.

“We have not ruled out racing but we will look at all factors that are possible including alcohol,” Burrows told the Globe and Mail. “But anything dealing with the driver behaviour we want to look into.”

Donald LePage of Toronto faces a series of charges in connection with this crash.

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7 Comments to “Crash Victim A 19-Year-Old Mom”

  1. anderson says:

    I dont get it… you have places like evo street racers offering a host of services to stop these people from street racing yet it still happens… Why! dont they read what can happen! how sad. truly sad.

  2. a friend says:

    its truly said espically since i know her she was one of my dearest friends and now shes gone i dont understand why they would run away if it was anyone else she would be there with them holding there hand trying to keep them alive she couldve lived why didnt they save her why her why not somone else!

  3. Ashley Mcleod says:

    iloveyou Nicole, i miss you soo much .
    i dont get why this needed to be you <3

  4. Best Friend says:

    This should have never happened why couldnt anyone try to keep her alive she would have done the same i guess you find out who your true friends are people are two faced for sure in this world!!!
    Why her why couldnt it have been the driver
    She could still be alive today if it wasnt for the driver
    She is my whole world and now look what has been:( Miss you Nicole

  5. Debby Belanger says:

    R.I.P. Little one,Ive known you since you were a little girl and your mom Renay So sorry it was you,Im thinking about you and your family

  6. ERIN FINN ! says:

    dj your an idiot for driving that fast in a 50 zone .
    thought i should make that clear first .
    oh and MAYBE you shoulda checked to see if she was okay before RUNNING AWAY from a mess that YOUUU MADE !
    i miss you so much baby and ill see you at the crossroadds !
    ride or dies, even now, i dont care.
    to me you are not gone, you are still here.
    PS; your daughter is the BEST but you already know that .
    i love herr so much, and i got her dont worry !

    smartie and skittle
    finn and quinn
    LOVERS !
    yahhh dunnnoooooo

    xoxoxoxoxoxox !

  7. Teee says:

    Nicoleee i cant believe its been almost two years since you been gone.. We all love you and miss you very much.. You still come across my mind and it makes me sick how effing stupid dj is.. I chilled with you a week before you passed at VIP.. Even though i knew you only a short time i could tell how mch of an amazing sweet person you are.. We all love you nicole rest in peace<333

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