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Man Flees Scene of Accident – Leaves Driver’s License

March 27th, 2009 7:14pm
Manny Rodrigues Photo

Manny Rodrigues Photo / ©2009 TSB

SCARBOROUGH – A bizarre series of events took place this afternoon near 843 Kennedy Rd. after a vehicle lost control and hit a pole.

The driver left the scene of the accident and drove south a few meters before pulling into the Children’s Aid Society building. That’s where a pedestrian was struck.

Within minutes, officers from 41 Division were on scene along with ambulance. While the female pedestrian was treated for minor injuries, officers questioned the two occupants of the vehicle and were handed their driver’s licenses.

That’s when a witness tipped off the officers that the driver had hidden a bag of marijuana nearby prior to the arrival of the first cruiser. When a police officer went to investigate, the suspect decided that he was not going to jail today and ran off- leaving his license with the officer.

Ryan Newman, who was working nearby, says that he saw the driver get out of the vehicle and “hide a stash of weed in between the concrete wall and the bushes.” He also saw the suspect take off through the parking lot in the back of the CAS building.

An officer from 41 Division indicates that the suspect is known to police from previous incidents, and is now wanted for possession of illegal drugs.

The passenger of the vehicle was held for questioning and later released.

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  1. Steve L. says:

    hahahahaha, what a loser!!!!! he’s gonna be caught in no time! next time run before the cops show up

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