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Officer Down in the West End

January 24th, 2009 11:55pm
John Hanley Photo /  ©2009 TSB

John Hanley Photo / ©2009 TSB

It’s perhaps the code that no police officer wants to hear on their radio – 10-33 – or officer needs assistance. This code is used when an officer is in danger and needs help from other units immediately. That’s what happened earlier today in the area of Symington Ave. and Dupont St. in the west end of Toronto.

Officers responded to an armed robbery at a local beer store only to find the two suspects still near by. When they confronted the two individuals, one of them pulled out a weapon and shot at the officers, hitting one of them in the head.


Within seconds the entire Toronto Police force was alerted, and soon there were cruisers responding from every corner of the city.

The officer was treated and taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The two suspects fled the scene, one of them in a vehicle and the other, the shooter, on foot.

K9 and ETF were called to the scene and initiated one of the largest manhunt the city has seen in a while. They setup a perimeter and started tracking the shooter. It wasn’t too long before he was found behind a garage in a laneway and taken into custody.

The second suspect was arrested later in the evening, when he decided to drive home. Officers had been setup at the apartment complex near Eglinton Ave. and Caledonia Rd. with the hopes the vehicle would return to the owner’s residence – it paid off.

Several charges are likely to be laid.

Meanwhile, during the chaotic rush to search for the suspects an officer stopped his vehicle on the train tracks. The cruiser was later hit by a train. No one was hurt in the incident, but damage was extensive.

John Hanley Video

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